Capillaroscopy is a non-invasive study of capillaries, capillary blood flow and aggregates of blood corpuscles. The work is based on the method of examination of biological objects with the help of a specialized microscope equipped with a digital camera.

Capillaroscopy allows to determine the signs characteristic for changes in the vascular bed in arterial hypertension, quantify the presence of hidden oedema.

This method is of great help in the correction of drug treatment in patients with cardiac pathology, involving a high risk of thrombosis - atrial fibrillation, after prosthetic heart valves, coronary artery stenting, thrombophlebitis.

This method allows to assess the effectiveness of treatment on the aggregation state of blood, the state of blood rheology in haematological practice. Capillaroscopy is an indispensable diagnostic method in diabetic
angiopathy, Raynaud's syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma. In sports medicine, the method is applicable for assessment of training regime and recovery process.

The object of study is the cuticle of the fingers. Capillaries of the nail bed are examined with the help of an optical system (powerful microscope) at magnification of 200x, 400x, 800x, in the process of which all key parameters of microcirculation are calculated using a computer programme all key parameters of microcirculation are calculated.

Diagnostics is performed by Zhanna Gevorkyan, phytotherapist


Neurotransmitters are chemicals that transmit signals between nerve cells, or neurons. They play an important role in regulating our mood, behaviour, pain perception and other physiological processes.
Neurotransmitters are produced by neurons and secreted in small areas called synaptic clefts. They then bind to receptors on the surface of other neurons, resulting in changes in the electrical activity of the neurons.

What neurotransmitters are responsible for?
Neurotransmitters: the key to understanding how the brain works!
For example, serotonin is responsible for mood and sleep, noradrenaline is responsible for activation, and acetylcholine is responsible for memory and thinking movements. Neurotransmitters may be linked to various mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Brief conclusions:
• Without a balance of neurotransmitters, the brain and the whole body cannot function efficiently.
• A mismatch in their function can manifest itself in symptoms ranging from sleep problems to depression and lack of concentration.
• About 60 neurotransmitters are known today. They are classified according to their function and chemical structure.
• Essential oils or special nutrition can be prescribed to correct them. However, a personalized and comprehensive approach to each patient works best.
• Neurotransmitters are responsible for survival, reproduction, emotionality and sensuality, manifestation of will, love, creativity, intuition and for inspiration, the feeling of happiness!

The state of neurotransmitters is measured with a pendulum at 7 levels.

Diagnostics is performed by Anahit Hakopyan, valeologist, psychologist, internationally qualified coach




The computer diagnostic is an innovative technology enabling high-level diagnostics of human organism. One of the diagnostic methods is a frequency wave imprinting test that allows fast and accurate diagnostic of live organism.

Bioresonance is based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves due to DNA damage.

The diagnostic is non-invasive, fast and comfortable. It is safe for all – children and adults.

The computer diagnostic system is able:

  • to provide a dynamic assessment of health state (level of homeostasis disorder)
  • to distinguish weak systems and organs in the organism
  • to identify quickly and accurately the causes of disorders (bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi, heredity, etc.), to detect presence of pathogenic microflora, its activeness degree and location
  • to identify allergens
  • to identify toxins accumulated in the organism (microtoxins, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates and nitrites, fungicides, heavy metals) and harmful food additives marked by letter E
  • to determine the causality of the pathological processes developing in the organism
  • to determine the degree of harmful energo-informational impact on the organism
  • to identify food products that are inducing and slowing down the metabolism
  • check effectiveness and results of various treatment methods
  • to compare the health state before and after the treatment course.


It uses time tested principles of quantum energy, magnetic energy and resonance effects to generate plethora of analytical reports related to multiple functions of human body.

It incorporates latest software that is capable of producing dependable reports rapidly. It has memory function that stores various reports for individuals that can be referred for understanding effect of the treatment by comparing with current reports.

It facilitates numerous health pointers and indicators for proper planning of treatment thereby saving on time. It is provided with an ultra modern detector probe that is having elegant and professional appeal.






AngioScan is an innovative technology created for performing a noninvasive and radiation free examination of heart and vessels by assessing the state of arterial function. The term “arterial function” concerns such parameters as stiffness of arterial wall and state of endothelium. The technology allows one to easily and reliably check the heart, and to make early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

Diagnostic complex “AngioScan – 01” is based on recording a pulse wave by an optical sensor operating in the near infrared. The signal received gives a detailed information about the state of stiffness of arterial wall. The occlusion test evaluates the state of endothelial function.

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