A number of psychological programs are implemented in "Aya Maria" Wellness SPA Resort  tunder the supervision of founder - director Anahit Hakobyan:
● Psychological training sessions and seminars
● Film trainings of personal growth
● Stress management trainin
● Psychological consultancy
● Psychological counseling course
● Couch Sessions


While for thousands of years people have been using the art as a way to express, communicate, and heal, art therapy only began to develop during the middle of the 20th-century. Doctors noted that individuals suffering from mental illness often expressed themselves in drawings and other works of art,  which let explore the use of art as a healing strategy. Since then, art has become an important part of the therapeutic field and is used in some assessment and treatment techniques.

During the art therapy   a variety of art methods including drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage can  be used  with clients ranging from young children to the elderly. 
Specially designed art techniques, exercises and games contribute to the personal growth, relaxation, mood enhancement, self-awareness, self-expression, harmony of own thoughts and feelings, identification and development of creative abilities, talents and opportunities, interpersonal relationships improvement.

To have unforgettable  pastime and positive emotions are guaranteed at our art therapy sessions!

Art therapy program includes:
• Painting therapy
• Music therapy
• Armenian ethno dances

For  participation in art or musical therapy you needn’t master any musical instrument or  have painting skills. 

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